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How does the Nebula Data Intel program gather data?

The NDI program gathers data at several points throughout a procedure. Our free-to-use tablet will come to your facility loaded with your custom information and will guide you through the process of gathering data.

What type of data is gathered from the program?

We gather different data sets for you, including:

  • Patient demographics
  • Supply usage and spend
  • Pharmaceuticals prescribed
  • Insurance coverage
  • Patient comorbidities and longitudinal outcome trends
  • Cost per procedure

Procedure type and breakdown

What benefits can the data provide to my facility?

The data can help facilities identify where they may be over using or spending on supplies, as well as patterns in patient outcomes and where improvements can be made to reduce adverse events.

Does NDI Surgical integrate with any EMR programs currently?

At this time, NDI Surgical does not integrate with any EMR programs.  However, this functionality is in future development plans.  If you are currently using EMR, you can manually upload anesthesia logs and recover notes into the program.

How can we be sure the data we are providing you is secure?

The personal health data we receive from patient’s charts will only be handled by properly trained professionals.  Once it is collected, it will promptly be removed from the tablet and stored in a highly encrypted secure cloud.  The aggregated data and insights we provide will always be de-identified and stripped of personal identification. Patient specific information will never be shared with anyone.

Does my facility need to be accredited to participate?

Yes – all facilities need to be accredited to participate in the program. It is not necessary to be accredited by AAAASF. Participation is voluntary and will not affect your accreditation status.

What does my facility need to do to get started using the program?

To get started, we need a signed Data Sharing Agreement. From there, we’ll request your procedure preference cards and access to your supply vendors’ websites. We’ll use this information to pre-populate the program specific to your facility.

Do we have to pay to use the tablet?

Our program is complimentary for outpatient surgical facilities.

How do facilities submit their data?

Data is submitted through the tablet where it is transferred into our secure cloud storage.

How does NDI make a profit?

NDI makes a profit by packaging and selling the de-identified data received through the program. For example, the data collected could be used by medical device manufacturers to make further enhancements to their product lines.