Introducing Nebula Data Intel

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Analyze Your Facility & Patient Data

Your practice will gain the ability to analyze critical in-house information through our non-disruptive and simple data collection program.

Having this vital information at your fingertips will allow you to streamline processes, review potential overhead cost issues, gain a better understanding of typical time and costs for surgeries and more.

Benchmark Your Facility

NDI’s simple and non-disruptive data collection program provides you access to benchmarking information from across the country including insights into complication rates, comorbidities, patient safety, supply consumption, surgical outcomes, patient satisfaction data, and pharma usage data.

Gain insights into your practice

  • Compication Rates
  • Comorbidites
  • Patient Safety & Satisfaction
  • Surgical Outcomes
  • Supply Consumption

Participation is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Register to participate

Our team will contact you to gather information on your preference card and inventory system.

2. Receive your free tablet

We’ll configure our mobile application and ship a free-to-use tablet directly to your facility.

3. Submit your data

The information your team collects is then sent to our secure cloud servers. All data is encrypted and de-identified. The entire end-to-end process is HIPAA compliant.